Monday, October 31, 2011

CCV Update

It’s been quite some time since our last update so I will do my very best to tell of all the great and mighty things that the Lord has been doing. But first I must give honor and glory to the God of ALL things who continues to bless us.
CCV is continuing to grow with God’s grace and wisdom, not just in numbers but spiritually. To see the growth in Francis and how God is using him to teach His word is amazing, even the members of the body whose desire is to know, to love and to serve the true and living God. We now have a steady group who attend bible study on Wednesdays. We have had 3 people accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior and one baptism last September. We now have children’s ministry every Sunday morning, there are at least 6-8 children regularly and we are preparing for our first Christmas play next month.
Several months ago the country went into a state of emergency due to the high incidence of crime with curfew hours from 9pm-5am, after six weeks it was extended and now the hours are from 11pm-4am. Things seem to have gotten a little better in terms of the crime but we don’t know how long this will last or what the overall outcome of all this would mean for the country; but our hope is that the people of Trinidad and Tobago will turn away from the things of the world and turn to a life of serving God.
Francis had been seeking the Lord as to how we can continue to reach the people of the community; God spoke to his heart and showed him that if the people won’t come then take the gospel to them, so in August outdoor evangelism started, we purchased 2 PA system speaker boxes and a microphone, along with the computer and music CD’s we ventured out on Monday and Tuesday nights throughout the community along with the support of pastor Alvarez who also shared with Francis. The response was great, people sat outside their doors and some even gathered on the street to hear what was being taught; God told that His word will not return void!
As a body we gather every other month for fun and fellowship, the first one was in held August at the De Freitas Farm; everyone who came had a great time playing games, swimming in the river and the food was good too. The second one was held on the beach where we had a baptism and a baby shower combo; it was wonderful there were about 30 people who attended! After the baptism of Ms. Cheryl James everyone gathered for the baby shower for Makeda then it was off to the sand for the games, there were three legged race, lime and spoon race, grown men drinking milk from baby bottles and then for some relaxation in the cool waters of the beach. Our next gathering will be in December where we will have the Christmas play and dinner as we celebrate the true reason for the season.

Over the summer Brandon expressed a desire to attend school and make new friends because according to him since Jon retuned to the US and Adrian was working a lot he had no one but also his dad and I were too old. So in September he was enrolled in Primary Christian Academy and I must say he is much happier and has adjusted very well, so much so that he even got a part in the school play for Christmas…he plays God!(one morning we were running a little late dropping him to school and he was quite nervous he kept asking what time is it because he had play rehearsal before classes that morning and then out of the blue he said “please don’t let god(him) be late… it was too funny!)
As a family we were seeking God for guidance about the path we should go and after much praying we moved out of my dad’s house and into a place of our own last Wednesday; the house is located in Arima which is more centrally located it’s closer to Brandon’s school, town and the airport; but beyond that it is more comfortable, air-conditioned and everyone has their own space. We thank God for the time spent in Valencia because every experience in life is a lesson and we strongly believe that God placed us in that environment for a specific purpose…so that His will is done!
With each passing day comes new and exciting challenges, after leaving the surgical unit in July I have been working on the maternity unit for the past 3 months and what an experience that has been. My eyes have been opened to see how much Christ is truly needed; so many people living in common law relationships both young and old, marriage seems to be a thing of the past, teenage pregnancies are overwhelming and the breakdown of the family unit is saddening!
I will be starting my rotation in the emergency unit next week and my prayer is that God will continue to use me for His purposes that I may share the Love of Christ as I provide care to those in need. On a different note Adrian will be returning to the US within the next two weeks; he has enrolled for online classes at Liberty University. Even though our hearts are saddened it is our prayer that he stays in the will of God and also be a source of support for Jon.

 For Adrian as he returns to the US and for school, job and finances.
 For Jon that he seeks God for wisdom, guidance and direction.
 For continued guidance, protection and provision.
 For a safe delivery of Makeda’s baby.
 For reunion of my mom and dad and their health.
 For provisions to attend pastors conference in January/June

In His Grace,
Francis Celestine

Matt. 28:19-20 ~ Go therefore and make disciples of all the nation, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you and lo I am with you always even to the end of age.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Francis Arrives in Williamsburg!

On Wednesday, I arrived in Virginia and spent time with my son Tevone and had a blessed time...and he and his wife Jan fellowship at CC Newport News! From that time Ptom picked me up and I've already been put into the "flow" of ministry here at CC Williamsburg. Last night I had the opportunity to share at theBride (young adults) and speak on Acts 8:25 and the importance of the one who shares the Gospel. Tonight I will share at Affects Youth Group (CC Williamsburg). Tomorrow will be the Men's breakfast and then Sunday the main service at CC Williamsburg!

I am blessed to be back in Williamsburg and so enjoying the food and AIR CONDITIONING!

Also, please continue to pray that the Lord will use me in the sharing of the Word and that the Lord will direct my path while I'm here and then leave back home. Also, pray for Adina, Adrian and Brandon back home at CC Valencia!


Sunday, February 27, 2011

The next level…………………
The year 2011 started out with new and exciting opportunities for my family and I. God is moving us in a new direction to establish the church plant and to start fellowshipping as Calvary Chapel Valencia.
In January I had the privilege of attending a pastor’s conference in Merritt Island, Florida for three days. The Theme of the conference was “A Passion for Christ” I was truly blessed to be able to attend the conference. It’s been almost a year since we have been in Trinidad so the timing of the conference was perfect; I was encouraged and exhorted in such a positive way that “my passion” for Christ increased.
I returned to Trinidad bursting at the seams and ready to put what I had learned into practice. While in Florida I had the opportunity to fellowship at CC Ft Lauderdale and CC Coral Springs and spend some time visiting with friends in Coral Springs.
When one door closes………………
We had been praying for a neutral place to have service and bible study and in February we started using the neighborhood community center but after a couple of weeks we had to stop because the center had to be repaired. We were a little discouraged and sought God for His wisdom. We met with the manager of a training center for young adults (ages 15-25) in the area about the possibility of having service and bible study at this facility.
We submitted all the necessary documents and on February 25th we were notified that our request to have service and bible study have been approved. It’s just amazing how wonderful it can be when we wait on the Lord because His timing is PERFECT. The facility is centrally located right in town, fully air conditioned and has 24hr security.
If this is God’s will for us it would be ideal not only because of the location but to be able to minister and reach out to the young people.
The facility is available for us to have service on Sunday mornings and on Wednesday evenings. We volunteered ourselves to be available for daily and/or weekly devotions and counseling to the young people if necessary.

On January 15th Brandon turned 8th; he is growing like a weed tall and skinny. He’s doing very well with home-school and has finished most of his books. Jon turned 18th on February 21st, he currently has a 4.0 GPA and is looking to return to the US to complete SAT’s in the spring and to get into a school for audio engineering in the fall. He does have an interview at a school in Falls Church VA once he returns. Adrian is also doing well as he continues to work for the cable company and is seeking God as he considers returning to the US to join the air force.

 For financial provision for the rent of the facility.
 For Jon as he ventures back to the US for SAT’s and school.
 For God's wisdom and direction in regards to the church plant (Calvary Chapel Valencia).
 For continued guidance, protection and provision.
 For Adrian as he seeks God about returning to the US to join the Air Force
 For financial provision for Brandon to start with CC online school.
 For reasonable airfare for Adina to attend a pastor’s wife conference in April and a CCW Women’s retreat.

We would like to thank our church family not only for keeping us in prayer always but for the many special blessings that was sent to us and for making us feel loved and appreciated (but never forgotten).
We love you guys!

Thanks to everyone who continues to lift us up in prayer